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Ukrainian soldier correctly guessed reddit

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The British army alone fielded about 3. . Just recently a female Ukrainian medic has been killed. . A Ukranian soldier correctly guessed a Russian soldier was hiding behind a door. Russia has a population of 145. The Ukrainian discovers the the closest relative in his contacts. The video also goes on a bit longer than the one above and the soldier keeps on struggling but finally downs. . Ukraine has an opportunity to rebuild as the first example of a people creating their own great society out of the ashes of war. The UA soldier was actually really caring and giving him water. russian soldier is trying to shoot down a drone of the Code 9. But a Ukrainian treating a combatant poorly is not somehow magically the same as Russia doing war crimes against non-combatants as a strategy, especially at the scale they're committing them. . I'm in the hospital right now, so have lot of free time and bored. From the torture chambers founded in liberated areas. 2. A Ukrainian kamikaze FPV drone hitting a Russian. Edit: Might as well transfer over my time stamps from the thread I posted the video in as well: Russians took out 2 while losing one - (Ukrainian unknowingly runs right into storm group 0:30, Russian on point taken down around 2:20, then this Ukrainian guys last stand holding them off so the rest can retreat in the 4:00+ min video linked in. I'm sure there are thousands of civilian men in Ukraine who are fighting back, dressed as civilians. Follow reddit rules and the subreddit rules. They will be picked up after the mission is done if they are still alive. . ". Real Vlad would open his mouth. The Russian population deserved so much more and their politicians stole their future. . They didn't mistook it as it was marked with Russian insignia. Its happening. He has SS symbols tatood on his shoulders. . I also realized I didn't exactly represent what he said correctly in the headline. President of Hungary: Russia must withdraw troops from Ukraine to achieve peace. ago • u/PatxFussy 3 awards. . . FrancescoVisconti Putin claims that during WW2 the German SS didn't commit genocide against Jews, it was primarily the "Ukrainian nationalists" who did it. . Ukraine is planning on making the Russians bleed for every inch of ground they try to hold. . Always executed on the spot. Reply. . Chinese soldiers illegally enroaching Indian territory at Leh Border, and when stopped threw stones on Indian Soldiers. Adhere to all Reddit and sub rules. . I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. . . Russian shell companies and proxies have been pinging a lot of defense-related electronics companies in Europe. . . . . Always executed on the spot. just because of someone's nationality doesn't mean you should stop routing for them just saying. Dear Ukrainian brothers and sisters - keep strong. . Drone video of a Ukrainian soldier that gets shot in trench close-quarters combat. . . met_scrip_pic vroid clothes amazon sale.

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