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Alhaitham x princess reader pregnant

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being alhaitham does make locals of sumeru question your sanity but the second you feel his touch, you no longer worry about anything but him. reader is female (was originally written for oc im sorry) Previously academic rivals. . so a lot of things have happened, the. minors dni! / nsfw! / explicit / afab! reader / service dom! alhaitham / oral / penetration /. a/n: not proofread! just a quick midnight brainrot. there will be trig. by Kei Shirogane. . And out of all the people, it happened to be the Haravatat's scribe who was assigned as your advisor - the famed Alhaitham. ADDRESSED. Out of kindness, you brought them home. . . characters — kaveh, alhaitham, tighnari, cyno, wanderer (w/ gender-neutral reader). I can’t help but squirm around, hoping he gets the hint and gives me more. . . . Discover more posts about kaveh x reader, al. # 17. Kaveh Hangout Spoilers. Alhaitham “may I come in my princess?” Y/n: “yes my love” Alhaitham walks towards your back as u still face the mirror and hugs you from behind while resting his head on your shoulder. Aug 30, 2022 · gn!reader <3. . Thoma's: Riding, feminine words used for privates, creampie, talks of pregnancy but it doesn't happen, sex in another person's car, semi-public sex, unprotected sex, praise. His fiancée thought he would leave her because she was pregnant. . . . . But what he doesn’t realize is that none of the teachers there are safe from her seduction and charms. . this time (part two of next time). See a recent post on Tumblr from @khmelisuneliart about kaveh. . bodied reader but no pronouns used, no descriptive characteristics (skin tone, hair type), power bottom?, slight breeding kink, praise (giving), maybe controled orgasm, exageration of sexual activity, Al Haitham begs, semi-edited, probably horrible writing, I don't write dom readers so this is probably really really. alhaitham x reader (feat. . Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. . [65%] Xiao x reader Lyney x reader Kazuha x reader Alhaitham x reader [55%] Dottore x reader. . . . Vampire! Alhaitham casually dropping the most ardent, most passionate compliments and pickup lines in all of Teyvat's history in ancient languages but in written form. Feature: Bottom Alhaitham/Dom Reader. . However, little did you know there were more dangerous secrets to Alhaitham than you had thought. That’s why Alhaitham hates the reader even more than he hates Kaveh. just two people in love and yearning for kaveh <3 softy ‘haitham <333 “we should definitely head to the asipattravana swap and get mourning flowers. Mind blanking, you fail to notice the scribe scoffing next to you. angst, unrequited pining, modern au(ish) because i barely give any description lmao, this is mostly about feelings, feelings tw, alhaitham is a robot science man allergic to the human spectrum of emotion now playing. kaveh) synopsis. alhaitham x reader (feat. Genshin Impact Reverse Harem | Reader Hu Tao Zhongli La Signora Tartaglia | Fanfiction Romance Male Genshin Characters X Reader Genshin Impact X Reader. [65%] Xiao x reader Lyney x reader Kazuha x reader Alhaitham x reader [55%] Dottore x reader. (Highschool/modern au!) Language: English Words. . "Not unless you tell me where you're going. . met_scrip_pic what time does it get light near me.

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